Abe's is the first nationally-branded vegan muffin.


It all began when Joby (Abe's Dad) and Marty (Abe's Uncle) started a commercial bakery, but Abe couldn't eat anything they made. You see, in addition to being lactose intolerant, Abe was born anaphylactic to

nuts, peanuts, eggs, sesame, soy & seeds

(the lemon poppy muffins were really made for his cousin Billie).

Abe’s severe food allergies made being a kid rough. At parties Abe was the only one eating fruit and crackers while his friends ate cookies and cupcakes. Even at home, Abe sat alone with something safe like a piece of mango or yesterday’s left-overs while his siblings munched on their favorite treats.


So in a fit of inspiration, Joby and Marty created a line of scrumptious vegan and allergen-friendly muffins that

Abe could eat anytime and more importantly, feel like one of the gang. Funny enough, the gang quickly

preferred Abe’s muffins to what was on their plates.


Now we’re on a mission to show that vegan & allergy-friendly can be absolutely delicious and fun for everyone. 

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