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Abe’s stands in solidarity with the Black community. Racial and social injustices of any kind will not be tolerated. #BlackLivesMatter. Click on the link below for more information: www.BlackLivesMatter.com


Abe's on NBC!


Praise & Press

Abe’s muffins are life, period point blank! The sweet carrot, coconut, and cornbread flavors will make you get your entire life together!

We are blown away! Honestly, the best muffins we have ever had!

Just wanted to shoot a message shouting my love for these muffins! Was so excited when I spotted them, even my students love them!

Thanks for making vegan

taste great. ❤️👍🏻

~Brittany Kruse

(The White

Glove Vegan)

~Tabatha Brown

(Actress / Vegan Ambassador)

~ Molly, Bourne, MA

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