We know that when it comes to the food you feed your family, you want to use brands that are open and transparent about how they make their products.  

We are that brand.

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Is the Abe’s facility sesame-free?

YES! Not only is Abe allergic to sesame, but we're hearing from more and more parents that sesame is a problem for their kids too. In fact, recent research indicates that over 1.5 million Americans are allergic to sesame, making it the fastest growing food allergy. And guess what? The FDA does not require companies to list sesame on their packaging. Like Abe, 17% of kids with top 5 food allergies are also allergic to sesame, so we like to call-out our sesame-free facility.

Why do some of my muffins have more chocolate chips or blueberries than others in the pack?

Here at Abe’s, we make our muffins similar to how you would at home-with a human touch and love! Our bakers ensure that every muffin receives plenty of delicious goodness by adding each chocolate chip, blueberry and cranberry by hand. This can result in a slight variation of the morsels on each muffin. While some muffins may have a few more chocolate chips or 1 or 2 less blueberries, they are always equal in flavor!

Why can’t I find all the Abe’s muffin flavors at my local supermarket?

We feel your pain! Stores choose which Abe’s flavors they carry, so if you want your local grocer to add more flavors and varieties, please fill out this flyer and give it to the manager of your local grocer.

What kind of oil do you use in your baked goods?

We use expeller-pressed non-GMO canola oil in Abe’s to ensure that our products have the right bake. While myths suggest all canola oil is unhealthy and questionable for the environment, the reality is actually different. Expeller-pressed canola oil is one of the most environmentally sustainable and healthy oils available, both for its anti-inflammatory omega-3s and monounsaturated fats. If you would like to learn a bit more about canola oil and its health benefits, you can click here.

What kind of sugar do you use in your muffins?

We use non-GMO Project certified, vegan cane sugar. After all, we created Abe’s so that vegans and children with allergies can enjoy yummy treats. Vegan baking is a bit more challenging than conventional baking. While we constantly invest in product development to find alternative sweeteners for Abe’s we have not yet found a substitute that meets our standards from a taste, environmental and cost perspective.

Are Abe’s products certified organic?

No. However, we source our all-natural, non-GMO ingredients from trusted partners who use natural farming practices. For example, we source our blueberries from farms that minimally process and quick freeze (IQF) berries the moment they are picked so we can put the freshest possible berries in our muffins. (This means sometimes a stem may make its way into a muffin, but we see it as a sign that we are receiving the freshest ingredients possible!)

We are proud of our strong relationships with local vendors. Ultimately, our ongoing top priority is to make sure that the ingredients we source are fresh, natural and environmentally friendly.

How do you come up with your “best by” date listed on the package?

We actually don’t apply the “best by” dates ourselves. To keep our products fresh as they make their way from coast-to-coast, we freeze them at subzero temperatures immediately after baking. Stores thaw the muffins just before placing them out for sale to ensure the best shelf-life. After thawing, the store’s bakery department adds its own “best-by” date; the marked date should be no longer than 7 days for any of our core Abe’s line and 5 days for our Abe’s Mom’s gluten-free products.

How can I get my local supermarket to start carrying Abe’s?

Fantastic question! If you would like your local grocery store to start selling Abe’s, please print out this little flyer and give it to the store manager.

How can I purchase Abe’s for my store, restaurant, or cafe (wholesale)?

Looking to purchase Abe’s for your store, restaurant or café? YAY! Please contact us­ at sales@abesmuffins.com and we will get you started with the process.

Just a friendly reminder that since there are no preservatives in our muffins, we sell them frozen and let stores decide when’s the best time to thaw them based on demand. We recommend that you have adequate freezer space to accommodate the muffins until you are ready to place them on the shelf for sale or serve them to your customers.

What special procedures are in place to ensure there is no cross-contamination in the Abe’s baking facility?

We get it. Just like you, we want to make sure that our loved ones with food allergies can safely enjoy Abe’s. Our procedures and practices are planned with Abe, and kids like him with food allergies, in mind.

Handling: Our baking facility is an SQF “Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System” (highest level) and free from peanuts, tree nuts and sesame. In order to maintain the highest food safety rating, our baking process is audited twice a year by a certified third-party.

Equipment: Abe’s vegan varieties NEVER touch production equipment that interact with dairy, eggs or soy. Also, at the end of each run, all tooling and equipment is dismantled and carefully washed before the next flavor goes into production.

Cleaning: Each morning, beginning production is dependent on all equipment passing an ATP swab test for germs and proteins found in food allergies. At the end of each shift, all equipment is dismantled, rinsed in 200°F water and then run through a wash cycle at 180°F using a special cleaning solution.

Why are you making gluten-free products in a facility that’s not gluten-free?

We make our gluten-free Abe’s Mom line as an accommodation to those choosing to live a gluten-free lifestyle (special shout-out to Abe’s Mom!) So, while our Abe’s Mom line is gluten-free, our facility is not. However, we prevent cross-contamination between our Abe’s Mom line and our Abe’s vegan line through disciplined planning & practices. Only after the gluten-free muffins are securely packaged and ready to ship do we start baking our core vegan varieties. If you have a severe gluten allergy or are celiac, please speak with your doctor before consuming the Abe’s Mom line.

Why is the serving size for nutritionals in grams and not by muffin?

We agree with you that using weight as a measurement is not the best method for informing consumers on the nutritionals (after all, who weighs their muffins?!). Unfortunately these are the FDA’s guidelines, which we must abide by. If you would like, you can let the FDA know about of your frustration with the current procedures and hopefully one day they can update them for consumers to be clearer.

Abe’s products are nut-free­­—so, why is the label on the coconut carrot muffins missing the “no nuts” callout?

Scientifically speaking, coconuts are classified as dry drupaceous fruits (a drupe). A drupe is a fruit with a hard casing enclosing the pit. While the Food & Drug Administration recognizes coconut as a tree nut, it's not a botanical nut (other well-known drupes include olives, peaches and cherries). On that note, while coconut allergies exist, they are extremely rare and most people with tree-nut allergies can safely consume the fruit. However, because the FDA classifies coconut as a tree nut, we must be very careful with our labels. You may notice our carrot coconut muffins don't say "no nuts" on the front. Other than coconut, our facility is 100% free of all other tree nuts and peanuts.

Can I freeze the muffins for a prolonged shelf-life?

Yes, you can certainly freeze Abe’s products to prolong the shelf-life, but we don’t recommend you thaw and refreeze the muffins more than once.

Are Abe's products certified Kosher?

Indeed they are! The Abe's bake facility is under the strict suervision of the Orthodox Union and all of our products are certified Kosher Pareve.

All Abe's Products Are produced at Our West Nyack, NY Bake Facility.

Have a question that wasn’t answered? Please contact us and we will be happy to chat/answer any questions you have! 

We are always looking for ways to make the Abe’s experience EVEN better for you and your family.

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